Graend Company

Full Stack Developer!

Grand [grænd] - Definition
“Graend plans or actions are intended to achieve important results.”

Our mission is to fight against settling for mediocre designs, against making bad technology choices, against getting by with meaningless user experiences and being usual.

Do you want to participate in our league of extraordinary people where every person matters? We believe in low hierarchies, people-centric culture, transparency in everything we do, fairness in decision-making, and equality among all people.

Purpose of role
Do you see yourself designing & crafting complex solutions and giving your unique handprint in today's digital world where every decision matters?

Our customers work in finance, sports, health care/well-being, public, and various other industries & sectors. We offer a multitude of services in design, technology, and digital business development.

We hope you are motivated and willing to learn & adopt new technologies. You don't have to be an expert, but you soon will be if you join us.

Your current stack might be something like:

  • Modern front end e.g. React / Angular / Vue
  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Backend technologies e.g. NodeJs, Python
  • REST / GraphQL
  • Databases

Having experience in some of these would be perfect:

  • DevOps toolchains (pipelines and such)
  • CI/CD & Automation in general
  • AWS / Azure / GCP

If you are interested, Let's do something Graend together!

If you are interested, get in touch

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